“Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities”

What is the Feelings Kit for?

The oils of the Feelings Kit are meant to dissolve negative impressions and to create an openness in the people that allows new beginnings.

Everyone of us has collected negative impressions that left scars in our psyche and our luminous energy field (aura). These impressions prevent inner growth and achievements.

By applying the Feelings Kit oils, one can take a path of identification with one’s true self, and harmonize as well as align one’s feelings. The Oils also facilitate the release of negative emotions, resentments, unresolved/accumulated anger and even ancestral memory of trauma and pain, things that we aren’t consciously aware of.

The 6 oils from the Feelings Kit work together to create a foundation for emotional health. The kit includes Valor™, Harmony™, Forgiveness™, Present Time™, Release™ and Inner Child™.

“Negative experiences and ideas are stored in our brain and included in our memory for a lifetime. These memories go from mild to extreme and have profound effects on our health and happiness. In order to become the person we really want to be, we have to solve these negative imprints and reprogram our worlds of emotions and thoughts in order to make positive content our reality.” – Gary Young

Why is it also called “Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities”?

This is because it was set together according to an Acient Egyptian Healing therapy which was found in a sacred room in the Temple of Isis.

This Ancient Egyptian Healing therapy will help to heal negative energy and emotions recorded into our DNA that keep you from moving forward in your life and spiritual growth.


Valor™ brings inner alignment, which strengthens valor, trust and self-esteem within us. It increases the oxygen intake to the pineal gland, where our higher intelligence and our capacity to think in three dimensions are seated.

In the original Feelings Ritual Valor™ is actually used together with Highest Potential™.

1. Apply Valor™ (along with Highest Potential™) on the soles of your feet.


Harmony™ balances the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. This raises our creativity and makes us feel confident. As the name already states, this oil harmonizes our energy centers (chakras) and thus makes us feel in harmony with all things, people and life cycles. Our body and our emotions become whole again.

Harmony™ is particularly beneficial in case of unfavorable stress feelings or the feeling of being torn apart. Due to its uplifting effect upon our thoughts it can lead to an optimistic attitude towards life.

2. Apply Harmony™  on the energy points (chakras) of the body to release unpleasant energies.


Forgiveness™ helps to bring up harmful/painful memories to consciousness and to release them. It also brings light to old injuries, insults and unpleasant emotions and promotes a feeling of readiness to move forward. A lack of forgiveness harms none but ourselves, so it is for your own benefit.  We receive support in forgiving and letting go.

3. Apply Forgiveness™ all around the navel. Go clockwise with your right hand for several times. And while you’re doing this think of situations where you need to forgive others or yourself.

Present Time™

Present Time™ helps to live in the here and now. If we unconsciously live in the past and are in grieve about something or someone it can bring up symptoms. By being in the present moment allows us to see the now and the future with an open mind for new possibilities.  This is key for our spiritual growth and for taking the next step.

4. Apply Present Time™ on your wrists and behind your ears, again making clockwise circles while applying them.


Release™ helps us to let go of accumulated anger, hatred, bitterness, resentment, frustration, jealousy, envy and even addictions as well as destructive feelings. Negative energies go to the liver so the liver can cleanse them but sometimes they remain trapped and accumulate over time. Then the liver becomes a storage of various negative energies and experiences.

This oil blend assists us in releasing those stored up energies so that we can feel well again and can move forward with a life-affirming-attitude.

Release™ promotes a balance between mind & body and thus brings up inner harmony.

5. Apply Release™ over your liver area.

Inner Child™

Inner Child™ brings back memories that let us reconnect with our inner child or our identity. This is one of the first steps to bring back stability to our emotional world. It stimulates the response of our memory and helps us to reconnect with our own, authentic self, your creativity. For children all things are possible and there are no limitations.

Especially when children have experienced abuse, they might be cut off from their identity / inner child which can cause feelings of shame and confusion. This persons personality is then torn apart and he or she can experience this as an enormous challenge, especially in early adulthood until mid-life. The so called “Midlife Crisis”.

6. Apply 1-2 drops of Inner Child™ under your nose.


7. Apply Valor™ (along with Highest Potential™) on the soles of your feet again to complete the application.

The Feelings application can be repeated as many times as desired. However, it is recommended to have a proper intensive phase in which to perform this application for at least 30 days each day. I use it twice per day, in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Let yourself be touched by the fascination of Young Living oils!

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