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Watch all of the interviews again and again to keep you motivated and inspired.


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Read over the most important notes with major highlights from each interview.


30 Fat-free recipes; raw as well as cooked. Every health warrior contributed one of their favorite raw and cooked food recipes. And we have combined it all in a FAT-FREE RECIPE EBOOK for you so you can get started on a “eating fat-free” month.


9 major detox organs at glance. Foods that help to detoxify the organs including recommended daily amounts. How organs affect your mood. Questions to ask yourself to find the emotional root cause of your symptoms. Affirmations to support the detox process. Reflexology Points for supportive massages/acupressure. Essential oils to assist the organs in their detox process.

What you will learn inside!

In the interviews we will talk about individual healing stories and discuss some of the frequent asked questions that people encounter during their healing journeys:

  • What’s the first thing to get started with if you’re chronically ill?
  • What are the most important healing foods?
  • How important are adrenal snacks?
  • What foods to avoid and why?
  • Why does healing take a long time for some people?
  • How to stay on track?
  • What to do besides eating the right healing foods?
  • Supplements? Are they necessary and which ones can be essential?
  • Does the dietary change also affect my spiritual connection?
  • How to deal with flare-ups?
  • What detox symptoms can come up?
  • Emotional detoxification!
  • How to deal with cravings? What are they telling you?
  • Do I have to go all raw / vegan?
  • Do I need to eat like this for the rest of my life?
  • And more…


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  • Written down Interview Notes & Major Points Highlighted So You Can Focus on The Most Important Leanings (Value: $60/55€) ​

  • A Fat-Free Recipe Ebook with A Collection of 30 Raw & Cooked Food Recipes from All Participants (Value: $20/18€)

  • The DETOX-GUIDE from @naturallyrawsome Eva (Value: $38/35€)

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Amber Vizzaccaro

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Amber has been successfully helping people all over the world recover from chronic health problems naturally.
She blends Anthony William's teachings with science and her own compassionate intuition.

Cacey Scott


Cacey has healed himself from severe anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue with the power of fresh fruits & veggies. He also works on healing Lyme. And coaches people how to detox, using the Medical Medium® Information.

Michelle Hewitt

Certified Wellness Coach

Michelle is living a Medical Medium® lifestyle since Jan 4, 2016 and has experienced amazing healing. She has healed IBS, constipation, joint pain, acne, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, plantar fasciitis, brain fog, emotional issues, bloating, hair loss, anxiety, bloating, depression, frozen shoulder, weight struggles, rosacea, numbness, tingling, and addictions to food and alcohol.

Lauren Henry

Certified Health Coach

Lauren has healed herself from constant digestive issues, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, amenorrhea, fatigue, changes in her skin, and anxiety and depression. She now feels more inspired than ever to help others recover their health and provide information about healing physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Susan Wolf

Intuitive Health Guide

Susan studied the ancient spiritual philosophy of shamanism for ten years and continues studying to this day. She learned shamanic philosophy, meditations, healing techniques, and more.
Since 2016, Susan has been following the teachings of Anthony William to heal from chronic migraines, chronic fatigue and other health issues. She is now an "admin" for Muneeza Ahmed's online courses based in the teachings of Anthony William.


Cancer Survivor / Thriver

Eve grew up with a grandfather who had healing hands. She became a 21st Century Energy Medicine Practitioner and ThetaHealing Coach. 
In 2014, she diagnosed herself with colon cancer. The disbelieving doctors had to confirm it was at stage 3. After surgery, she opted-out of chemo (even though she was told she’d die without it) and used nutrition, natural and energy therapies to heal. 
She has followed the information from the Medical Medium® since May 2015 and a personal coaching call with Anthony William has helped her find the root cause of the illness and get her vitality back.


Health & Beauty

4 years ago Karina went vegan to help heal her health issues. She has gone to many doctors, specialists, therapists and followed all the leading information/diet trends/medicine/holistic alternatives but after a while the symptoms would always just come back.
Medical Medium® has taught her the root cause of her symptoms and what to do to reverse them. She's forever grateful for the information that has restored her faith and has given her back control over her body.

Jim & Lexi


They are an everyday couple living a plant-based lifestyle and helping others learn how to do the same. With their passion and compassion they are helping a lot of people to get started and make sense of, what can be perceived as, an "overwhelming amount of" information.
By supporting their bodies with proper nutrition they have permanently released all of their former addictions.

Kayla Botelho

The Healthy Life Feels Good

Changing her diet has enabled Kayla to do things she didn't believe she could ever do , like doing her drivers license.
She started this lifestyle with the focus on healing her hives & pain related issues. When she noticed her anxiety improving. She was finally able to leave the house without fear, without shaking, without sweating, without crazy thoughts, without anxiety.

What this lifestyle has given her is a greater gift than she can express!Since 2016, Susan has been following the teachings of Anthony William to heal from chronic migraines, chronic fatigue and other health issues. She is now an "admin" for Muneeza Ahmed's online courses based in the teachings of Anthony William.

Kelsey Voller

Chronic Illness Expert

Kelsey has been suffering from up to 40 health issues and spent life's savings trying to regain her health. Her body was her greatest teacher. After many years of searching for answers and gathering the pieces of the health puzzle, she found Medical Medium® and I finally got her life back. She is now teaching people how to listen to their body and use their body’s feedback to guide them as they rebuild their health from within.

Peggy Schirmer

Gut Healing Expert

In the last few years, Peggy has supported hundreds personal clients in their healing journey. Most of them had chronic gut issues like SIBO, candida, constipation, GERD and stomach pain.
Her heartfelt mission is to support people to become their own health experts. She teaches people how to understand their body's symptoms so they can take simple yet powerful steps to heal their digestion naturally.

The Smile Enthusiast


The Smile Enthusiast has completely healed herself from a lifetime of suffering, with multiple strains of strep bacteria, as she utilizes healing herbs, roots, blossoms and spices, as her medicine. She is also the creator of #smileaerobics - a lymphatic drainage exercise that also provides a fun full body resistance workout. She is currently training to break longevity records, and has a goal set, to be the oldest living human. She is also in the process of writing a book about her longevity journey —The book is a blue print of how she plans on living a disease-free, illness-free, symptom-free life, beyond her 100th birthday.



Melody has overcome her severe chronic fatigue, neurological fatigue, depression, IBS and even healed her grapefruit sized ovarian cyst with the help of the Medical Medium® information.
She has been an energy healer and intuitive since the young age of 3 years old. And is now helping people to heal and guides them with love and faith.

Bernd Bissinger

Health Coach

Bernd Bissinger is a MS warrior battling in the name of his mother (†MS), grandmother (†MS) and all fellow warriors with MS and other chronic illness diagnosis. He was diagnosed with PPMS in 2012, which is a less common and far more aggressive “MS” form. Within 6 years he needed a wheelchair, his left side about 80% paralyzed and he is currently mainly housebound. Bernd started MM with full force, full faith and full commitment and after only 15 month Muneeza confirmed that his viral load was very low while at the same moment he was pain free. Since then 7 years of constant torturing nerve pain in his spine came to an end. Bernd is German and living with his Peruvian wife in Germany. He graduated in Business Administration, worked 7 years in one of the international Big 5 audit companies in Spain and Germany. Besides English and German he speaks fluently Spanish. A few month after his MS diagnosis his mother passed away and he suffered a burn out. In 2014 Bernd turned his career around, opened an Energy Healing practice facilitating Reconnective Healing© and The Reconnection© while studying online to become a Health Coach at the world’s largest school for Health Coaches, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN©), NY, USA, in 2016. Just before heading to the wheelchair he also managed to graduate as an NLP Master in 2018. Bernd is one of the Moderators and Health Ambassadors of the largest German spoken Medical Medium® Support Facebook Group with approx. 20.000 members. Furthermore he loved participating in Muneeza Ahmed`s wonderful training programs like Detox Mastery, Practitioner Case Study program and the Adrenal Reset Program. Since March 2020 he is part of Muneeza`s Admin Team. “The Medical Medium® way of living means the world to me and I hope to be able to inspire as many people as possible to fully commit to it with faith and perseverance despite of all the individual obstacles that may be currently present in peoples lives.”

Dr. Nguyen Phan

Doctor with Spirit

Dr. Nguyen D. Phan is an internal medicine doctor practicing in Spring, Texas. He attended medical school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and did his residency training in internal medicine at the University of Texas – Health Sciences Center in Houston. He worked exclusively for a few years as a hospitalist prior to opening his private practice. His hospital work allowed him to observe doctors in other specialties more closely and better understand their thinking. His take on thyroid treatment arose from a desire to help patients who came to him because they were not getting results on T4 and were looking for another option.

Muneeza Ahmed


Muneeza was blessed to discover Anthony William and to have been a client of his for years. She has deeply studied the Medical Medium® protocols, witnessed healing in herself, her family and friends, and in her practice with clients. She is an experienced practitioner working with the Medical Medium® protocols. She has studied herbalism with Susun Weed, Raw Food Nutrition with David Wolfe and Emotion and Body Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson to name a few. She's a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University. She has done in depth study in energy modalities as well. She's an Emotion and Body Code practitioner, working with kinesiology and the subconscious mind, she's trained in reading auras and energy fields, and has completed all the energy attunements for the Seraphim Angel Healing modalities. She's also Certified in Akashic Record Readings.

Summit Feedback

Thank you so much Eva!!!
These videos are really helpful as I can relate to all of them and am currently working on my dietary changes once again!!!
Peace, Love and Light oX


This event, its speakers and the information shared are not affiliated with or endorsed by Medical Medium® Anthony William of or his team.

The Mission of the Healing Chronic Illness Summit is to inspire people to make better food choices. The information and resources shared in this summit are for educational, informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any type of disease or condition.

The experiences, views and nutritional advice that are expressed on the summit represent individual experiences and do not guarantee any results for your specific situation. Please see your physician/doctor if you have a health issue or a severe medical condition.