Here are some of my favourite tips how you can keep yourself warm when it’s frosty outside!

First of all when I go out I’m wearing many layers, scarf, hat and gloves. The hat is actually essential as the head is the part of your body where the warmth goes out, that’s why it is important to cover it to keep the warmth inside of your body.

I’m also wearing boots that are 3-4 sizes bigger than what I actually wear because the more space you got in your shoes the better the blood flow. If you pack your feet up tight the blood flow is not as good as when you can easily move your feet inside of your shoes. Plus you got the space for another pair of socks.

When I’m back home and I work on my computer I usually get cold feet and one way of warming them up again is to put on some ‘special’ shoes. Few years ago I got some kind of slippers that are filled with linseeds and that can be warmed up in the microwave. I simply warm them up for a minute or two put them on my feet and enjoy the warmth.

While sitting on the couch in the evening I love my super soft and fluffy blanket to stay warm.

Bedtime stories: During winter season I always take a warming bottle with me to bed so it’s always nicely warm under my blanket. 😊

And I know that a lot of people say that eating things like ginger, cayenne or cinnamon warms them up but honestly I don’t realise any difference when I eat those spices. But of course they add a really nice flavour to wintery dishes.

In terms of eating, I’m keeping it raw even if it’s frosty outside because that’s what makes me feel my best. Of course I don’t eat super cold meals like nice cream during this time of the year and I warm up my water before drinking it because eating or drinking cold foods will chill down your body. I always eat my meals at room temperature.