Every day our bodies are exposed to physical & mental stress, environmental pollution and chemicals which all negatively impacts our body’s cell metabolism. This means that our bodies release more free radicals and excrete more waste materials and thus creates a ground for disease (weak immune system) and makes us age faster.

We have about 60-90 trillion cells in our body and every second up to 50 million cells die off and get replaced by new ones. Unfortunately our ability to regenerate cells decreases over time and the weakened regeneration shows up as the aging process.

Now why does a disease stay longer in the sick organ than the regeneration time of the cells? This is because before the sick cell dies it shares its disease to the newly created cell, as the cell reproduces itself, so the disease pattern continues. This is where Lavylites comes in.

The composition of Lavlites makes it possible that active substances are rapidly absorbed by the body and get right into the cells due to a nano-size carrier agent (nanoefector – named by the inventor). This nanoefector offers our body thousands of complex energetic patterns which activate the self-healing mechanism of the body. All this is done by obtaining components of vegetal origin.

The inventor of this amazing product is Tibor Jakabovics, a pharmaceutical chemist, and scientist who is an internationally recognized specialist in the area of nanotechnology. His passion lies in nature and its consisting possibilities to activate the original cell communication and by that the self-healing powers. The Lavylites products contain more than 250 natural substances like precious metals, gems, minerals, Schüssler salts and herbs and within seconds these substances could reach the DNA within the nucleus, where they influence cell regeneration positively. Combined together this makes more than 3,000 positively charged informations that are delivered to the cell.

The products are made up of natural ingredients without chemicals or animal ingredients and all products contain 80% of the same active ingredients and essences. 20% of the ingredients are physical whilst the remaining 80% are energetic. The absorption of information takes place via the energy field / aura.

The spray is sprayed onto the skin with a distance of 20-30 cm, whereby the first spray pump is always applied to the Atlas (neck) and the following spray pumps are applied to the affected area(s) of the body (e.g. knee, shoulder, arm, leg,…). This is done 2-3 times per day or in more acute cases multiple times per day (e.g. every hour, every few minutes). Not only does it help to improve issues but it also works as a prevention.

IMPORTANT: The products are cosmetics/beauty-care products and no medicines or drugs, therefore, in conformity with the official regulations it is not claimed that these products are suitable for treatment, prevention or healing of diseases. The usage of these products creates a clean environment within the body and may ease the start of self-healing processes. No healing promises are made and a healing in the medical and conventional sense can not be assumed.
The mentioned psychological effects and information in connection with diseases exclusively have reference to the active agents and not to the products!

Now lets come to my own experience and some experiences from family members.

I’ve started using the sprays in march and immediately realized how energized they made me feel. By that time I’ve already healed my rosacea with the help of a special Schüssler Salts protocol from my naturopath. But as the spays contain Schüssler Salts too it sure would have helped me just as well. I know it from a friends experience, who’s had an even worse case of rosacea and healed it within 3 month using Lavilytes.

So even though my skin is healed now, I’m using the spray and the lotion as a prevention. All in all the healing of my rosacea took about 5-6 month with ups and downs.

March 2017

March 2018

The most amazing thing that I’ve experienced with Lavylites so far was in terms of a pretty intense headache. I’ve been using the Solvyl Spray from Lavyites to detoxify my body from heavy metals and got an intense headache (detox effect). So in order to buffer it I used zeolite and a spray pump of Lavyl 32 on the neck and forehead. Within 5 minutes my headache vanished completely. I think not even an aspirin would work that fast.

The 32 spray is actually a herbal mouth spray which is sprayed once or twice directly to the mouth twice a day after teeth brushing but it can also be used to brush the teeth with.

Another helpful usage that I experienced was in terms of mosquito bites. Whenever I get a bite, I spray it and it stops itching. In some cases it might start itching again after 1/2 of a day, then I add another spray pump and the bite doesn’t bother me at all anymore.

Meanwhile my family started using it too. And 2 Years ago my granny had a lumbar vertebra fracture and was suffering from chronic back pain since then. Now that she started using the Auricum spray on her back hear pain has gotten way much better.

Few weeks ago my mom started to get an arthritic kind of pain in her index finger and couldn’t bend it completely anymore. That’s when she started using the AURICUM spray too. And within 1 week her pain went away almost completely and she can now bend her finger again without any problem.

This is how far she could bend her finger before.

And now after using the AURICUM Spray 2-3 times per day.

The LAVYLAURICUM body spray is one of the classics among all essences. The spray is with alcohol ,which serves as an additional catalyst. It is refreshing and helps to restore the original state of cells, tissues and organs and thus can effectively speed up the healing of wounds. It can be used to treat burns, bruises, bleeding, inflammation, all kinds of pain, headaches, migraine, broken bones, skin disease and more.

The LAVYLAURICUM Sensitive body spray is without alcohol and is made for the application onto mucous membranes, open wounds, closed eyes, bronchi (hay fever, bronchitis, asthma), rashes (eczema, psoriases,…) without irritating those parts. This spray can also be added to drinking water and by that supports the intestinal system and strengthens the immune system.

Spraying it onto the spine at 5 points and on the neck & head helps to support the nervous system. Spraying it on flat bones like ribs, breastbone, shoulder blades, skull bones and pelvic bones  supports the formation of blood.   

The LAVYL32 is a refreshing oral care spray that can help with toothache, tooth fistula, receding gums and tartar. Due to its anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effect it is also very helpful for the care of implants, dentures and prostheses. It can even lighten teeth gradually.

It can be used as a mouth rinse, toothpaste or simply after brushing the teeth by applying 2-3 spray pumps into the mouth.

The spray also promotes blood circulation and thus is a great remedy for headaches too.

There are even more products like lotions, shampoos, serums, detox sprays and lotions, and much more. If you want to know more about the products and get insights to even more user stories don’t hesitate to write me a dm or email me and I’ll hook you up with info material.

PS: If you are interested in building up a passive income and to get these products for free, Lavilites offers another chance for you. The products are distributed via Network Marketing and there are 2 ways to get them:

  1. They can be ordered via an already registered person at regular sales prices (dm me ;-))
  2. They can be purchased at wholesale prices (-25%) directly in the web shop via an own account. (Note: The company is not yet in the USA, so getting registered is not yet possible, but coming soon!) 

Joining the Lavylite network offers a great chance because of the exclusivity of the products. The company is on the rise and after just 2,5 years it’s already been in the Top 10 Multi Level Marketing companies of Europe. Furthermore it is expanding world wide (so far it is primarily European based, with having its beginnings and origin in Hungary).

Another great advantage is that the products are consumer products and there is no target group. The products are simply for everyone and everything (can even be used for animals and plants ;-)).

So do you want to join in and spray with passion?!    -> Yes, hook me up!