Silica is a very important mineral for our body, especially for our bones, skin, hairs and nails. It’s even more important than calcium. Calcium and Vitamin D actually get the most attention concerning bone health and they sure are important too. It’s as always, things need to be viewed from a holistic standpoint. Everything interacts with each other and supports each other in terms of absorption and storage. And I can tell by experience that the real vitamin D from sunlight can be so much more beneficial than any bottled supplement. So with this post I want to give you helpful tips for foods that can improve bone, joint, connective tissue, teeth and things like hair, skin and nails.

Silica keeps our bones, teeth, joints, connective tissues and tendons strong and flexible. And thus it can be very helpful for people with joint, connective tissue or bone issues like osteoporosis or heart issues. But also in case of bone and tendons injuries it is essential for a quick recovery.

It can even support the formation of collagen which is an important element of our skin, muscles, ligaments, blood and cartilage. Collagen keeps our skin elastic and helps to repair damaged or wrinkled skin. So silica is also an anti-aging mineral.

Your hair, skin and nails will love this mineral!

Silica Rich foods

Now let’s come to the foods that contain silica. The silica from vegetables like cucumbers, asparagus, artichokes, greens, kale stems, is the one that is helpful for a healthy skin. And in terms of bone health, herbs can be very supportive. But herbs like nettles and horsetail are actually beneficial for both, skin and bones. And herbs, especially wild herbs are also some of the most nutrient dense foods to support a remineralization and alkalization of your body.

Most of the silica rich foods can be enjoyed just as they are or in a salad. And concerning the herbs the easiest way to consume them is by drinking a tea (capsules or tinctures of course do their job too).

And if foods aren’t enough to fill up the silica storage banks, you can seek out additional support from concentrated silica supplements. I’ve been using something like Orgono G5 Siliplant for a while for example, because I had teeth issues. Additionally I also incorporated nettle leaf powder into my green smoothies which I found quite helpful.

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