About two weeks ago I got a really bad skin rash especially on my arms, my shoulders and my neck. And when I went to see a doctor, he told me that he’d give me some antihistamica or antibiotics so I would get rid of it within a week. But I decided not to take any pill against it but rather look for natural remedies that would help me to ease or treat the symptoms.

So first of all skin issues are usually issues of over toxicity in our body. This means that your elimination organs like kidneys, liver and lungs can’t handle to filter out all of the toxins and your body is seeking another way to release them. And as our skin is our largest elimination organ this is the next way where your body can release them.

What I did first was to treat the symptoms externally to easy the itchiness and get rid of the worst as soon as possible. And my go to remedy was an Epsom Sea Salt bath for at least 2-3 hours.

In my opinion this remedy is way much better than any kind of lotion to ease skin rashes of itchy skin. Alkaline bathing suppurts our kidneys and helps to filter out toxins via our skin, so our kidneys have less to filter. It is even better than going to a Sauna and sweating it all out because when you’re sweating you’re not only sweating out toxins but also minerals. And if you’re bathing in Epsom Sea Salt those minerals are in the water and get into your cells to bring back balance. The worst thing you can actually do is doing your workout, getting sweaty and than go to the Sauna and sweat even more. This might lead to quite some mineral deficiency and acidosis. So drink up and eat your greens for hydration and mineralisation!

With the bathing there are also a few things to consider. Most of the people take a bath for about 20-30 minutes and that’s it. But after 30 minutes our pores just start to open up and thus enable the release of toxins that sit right under the skin. The longer the bath the more your pores open up and the deeper under the skin the water can reach to bring back balance and remove toxins. If you’re really brave you can even take a bath over night to reach really deep into your body and pull out toxins from your organs. I even once met a woman who got rid of her arthritis that way.

Also don’t bath in super hot water but rather keep it on body temperature (98-103°F/37-39°C).

After bathing it is essential that you don’t apply regular skin lotions because your pores are wide open and everything you put onto your skin gets into your body even faster and easier. So what I do after a bath like that, is to apply virgin coconut oil. That makes the skin super smooth and soft.

Another thing that helped me a lot was skin brushing, especially while I was in the bath. Skin brushing increases the blood circulation and will move your lymph. That way you can assist your skin to release the toxins. The direction of brushing always goes into the direction of the lymph elimination points. And you can see the brushing directions for each body part on the image on the right.

Image by P. Jentschura

I’ve been doing this since about two weeks and within just a few day I could already see and feel a big improvement. The itching disappeared more and more with each bath and after just a few days it was almost gone completely as well as the rash.

Once the rash appeared I also did my research and came across one of Dr. Robert Morses videos where he’s been talking about the high cleansing effects of a grape fast. So I decided to go on some kind of a grape fast. I didn’t eat grapes only though and still drank my celery and green juice in the morning and ate cucumbers and celery for dinner for about two weeks. Well, it didn’t really lead to any improvements and I somewhat got the impression that things got worse. But than I met an old friend and she told me that the high sugar content of fruits might be somewhat the culprit and that as soon as I would get off fruits and into more greens and alkalizing foods my symptoms might improve rapidly. What she said kind of made sense to me as I already learned a lot about alkalisation during my education. So I decided to give it a try, even though I didn’t want to eliminate fruits completely but I definitely wanted to cut back a lot and increase my consumption of leafy greens.

Besides alkalising the body from the outside with Epsom Sea Salt bathing, it’s actually also essential to alkalize it from the inside out with mineral rich greens so healing can happen.