The Main Components

Lemon/Lime Water 

Drinking lime water every morning and evening has helped me to flush out a lot of acids. This is what I realized especially during my first 3:6:9 Liver Rescue in November 2018.

Besides vitamins Lemons/limes also contain trace mineral salts that nourish and alkalize our body. By adding it to water it actually revitalizes the water so that the water that we drink hydrates us on a deep cellular level. Furthermore it helps to break down gallstones and increases bile production in the liver as well as it raises hydrochloric acid for a better digestion of foods.

Celery Juice

Pure celery juice on an empty stomach (16-32oz) provides a lot of benefits, not only for the liver but also for our intestinal tract and our body’s alkalinity.

It contains sodium cluster trace mineral salts that have the power to restore hydrochloric acid, inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria & fungus and restore the liver’s bile production. It also has the power to safely flush out toxins and poisons out of the liver and cools down an overheated liver. Furthermore it is able to dissolve gallstones over time, making them small enough to be safely passed out through the bile duct.

Liver Rescue Smoothie

The most important ingredients in this smoothie are wild blueberries and pink pitahaya. They both provide the liver with critical antioxidants. The wild blueberries have qualities that help to remove troublemakers from the liver unlike any other food and feed the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. The red pigments from pink pitahayas are liver rejuvenators as they assist the liver in a faster cell production and thus rejuvenation.

I always went for option A with bananas and papaya because those are some of my favorite fruits anyway and it is easier to prep. In terms of pink pitahaya I find that the dehydrated fruit slices even better then powder….but of course fresh fruits are ideal.

Apple Sauce with Dates

As snacks in between there are always either apples or apple sauce on the plan. According to my own experience it is much easier for the body to digest the applesauce because it is already kind of pre-digested due to the blending process.

This is actually one of the most important foods for the rejuvenation and revitalization of the liver cells. Apples provide our liver with a very special living water, hydration quality. Meaning the liver stores this water, to release it whenever dehydration occurs. The pectins in apples help to cleanse the liver from toxins and starve out bad bacteria, etc. from the colon as well as the liver. Apples are also another gallstone dissolving food.

Spinach Soup

This delicious green smoothie has become one of my favorites because it is easy to digest. It’s made up of spinach, tomatoes, celery, garlic and orange juice and I tend to boost it up with some curry powder and dulse flakes as well. Spinach is alkalizing to the body and contains mineral salts to support and nourish the liver. It also removes viral waste from the liver by binding onto it. Tomatoes contain critical nourishing and cleansing nutrients as well, plus they help to protect the liver from disease. Garlic as a natural antibiotic helps to fight pathogens that sit in the liver. Celery provides the critical mineral salts to support the adrenals.

Tip: If you find it hard to consume all of the meals from day 4-6 this soup is the ideal Liver Rescue Salad replacement if you serve it with cucumber.

Liver Rescue Salad

There are two options of this salad but I find option 1 to be easier on digestion so I have never tried option 2 which contains carrots, cabbage, radishes and apples in addition to the greens, asparagus and cilantro. Option 1 is with greens, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, and optional cilantro/parsley/scallion. So basically option 1 is pretty much like the spinach soup from day 7 & 8 of the cleanse. Just like the soup this salad has a perfect balance of nourishing and cleansing ingredients for the liver. Depending on the day of the cleanse it is either served with steamed asparagus and/or Brussels sprouts which make it a very filling meal.

This salad is very much to my gusto as my dinner salads already looked like this except for the asparagus & Brussels sprouts. So I enjoy it even more right now!

Lemon Balm / Hibiscus Tea

These two options or a combination of both are the everyday evening routine during the 3:6:9 liver cleanse together with lemon water.

Hibiscus is another liver rejuvenation food which helps to clean mucus off cell membrane walls. It also supports the liver to perform its tasks. Just as it cleanses the liver walls it also cleans off gallbladder walls and rejuvenates it.

Lemon Balm is a very potent anti-viral herb. It kills bacterias, viruses, and the like (EBV & strep) which reside in the liver. It also improves the environment in the intestinal tract which enables the body to absorb more nutrients. This herb is very calming to the liver as well as to the adrenals and intestinal tract.

My Experiences

I started doing my first 3:6:9 Liver Rescue right when the book came out in November 2018. And from then on continued it up to 10 rounds until I decided to take a break.

One of the most impressive things that happened to me during the first round especially during the first 5-6 days was the release of acids from my body. My urin got so acidic that it burned and only got better after a few days. Another thing was that I had to go to the bathroom more often then usually. The main contributor to this was drinking lime water every morning and evening I’d say. And in the following rounds that I did it not occur again.

One more thing that I realized throughout the cleanses was that my digestion improved or was at least better during the cleanses except for day 6-8. The Brussels sprouts and sweet potato did not digest very well in my case. So sometimes I omitted the sweet potato and decided to juice the Brussels sprouts or had very little of it. Most of the day 9s always brought some relieve but I also had 3:6:9s when my body functioned very slowly and had to work hard to get rid of things also on day 9.

As I come from a past of under-eating I still struggle with finding balance sometimes and tend to eat a little too much over my actual hunger and point of satiation. I’d say that this also contributed to my sluggish release on day 9. And as my body already struggled in digesting the Brussel Sprouts and sweet potato back then, I didn’t really get hungry after a while. If I would have gone according to my true hunger I could have skipped breakfast and fast until lunch time. On the other hand doing this would give my adrenals a hard time, so I always kept up with the routine.

Another point that I want to mention is that the asparagus and Brussel sprouts also can be eaten raw and the sweet potato can be replaced with papaya if you prefer to stay all raw. However eating raw asparagus and Brussel Sprouts in my case was even worse then steamed and I would get bloated for at least a day. This is why I went for steamed and juiced ingredients here. I also can’t combine fruits of any kind with greens. This is something that gave me bloatings ever since I started the raw vegan diet. So eating papaya with the salad only worked for me if I ate it beforehand. A tip of mine concerning the large portions of salads, especially at lunch is to roll it all up in a fruit paper. This has helped me a lot to eat lots of greens with ease. Blending things up into a soup sure is even easier to eat but the first one is super delicious and fun.

All in all I always found it challenging to eat that much food, as I’m used to eat way much less, so I always lowered the amount of ingredients, blended things up or juiced them to make them easier to digest. After 10 rounds I took a time off from the 3:6:9s especially since I also went on vacation where I knew that getting celery juice would be impossible. And it took me until August until I felt that the time is right for another 3:6:9.

I also must say that while I was on a spiritual fair in February I came across a special fermented plum which is coated with herbs. It’s called “SHARE” Plum and according to what I hear about it at the fair it totally resonated with me so I started giving it a try. Long story short, I will probably share more infos about this special plum in another post but what I can say is that ever since I started taking it, my digestion kept on improving. I’m eating it every night since then and to me it’s been a true blessing. I am now even able to eat sweet potatoes, pumpkins and other starchy foods and digest them just fine…sometimes they even boost my digestion. Another thing that has improved a lot since then is that my bloatings if I get them at all, go away way much faster then before. Halleluja, I’m so grateful! 🙏🏻

The SHARE Plum together with larger amounts of celery juice in the morning my digestion has become as smoothly and perfect as never before and I started getting bowel movements after every large meal…just how it’s supposed to be.

So getting back to the 11th 3:6:9 Liver Rescue that I just finished (11…what a magical number). I was now able to enjoy all of the steamed Brussel Sprouts and Pumpkin that I wanted and did not even get bloated (which used to be the case in all of my previous 3:6:9s).

During the first 3 days I went for watermelon with barley grass juice powder for breakfast followed up by dates (my one and ever addiction 😜). That made me feel super light and assisted my digestion just perfectly for the upcoming days. You can see that the digestion topic is something that accompanies me all the time. Well it is something that I’ve been struggling with for decades now and which brought me to raw foods. (Digestion Tips)

What kind of started during the first 3 days of the cleanse and kept getting worse throughout the following days was an extreme feeling of fatigue around noon. I got so tired sometimes that I could litterly fall asleep right in front of my computer screen. One day my adrenals even rebelled that much that I got a hot flash and shaky hands. I only got the fatigue one time a day though and for me it’s hard to tell weither that came from the cleanse of old toxins, a fresh flu infection (which came through at day 9) or because of too much food. What’s interesting though is that by day 9 or rather the day after the cleanse there was no more fatigue or adrenal issue.  All I got was a burning throat and a little bit of a runny nose which I caught up very well with vitamin ester-C, zinc, ginger shots and oregano oil capsules.

Concerning supplements it is not necessary to take them during the cleanse but I decided to take them anyway to support my immune system even more and assist the toxin release.

Another guess of mine is that the adrenal issues occurred because throughout the past few years I set myself under a lot of pressure and was sometimes very stressed. Maybe the last 3:6:9 cleanse was able to release a lot of that stored up stress from the past!? 🤔

In terms of eating overt fats or avoiding them throughout the cleanse this was absolutely no problem for me. Overt fats always gave me bloatings and a very sluggish digestion. And within the past few month I also realized that whenever I had something with overt fats in it my vision would decline. I decided to skip overt fats all throughout the cleanse and also did so in my previous cleanses. Eating any kind of overt fat (avocado, nuts, seeds,…) interrupts the liver’s detox process and it switches back to bile production so the fats can be digested. This is why the liver rescue morning (avoiding overt fats, getting hydrated) is so essential and should be kept up even after the cleanse. For me it is already natural as I rarely ate fats in the morning and still feel my best on fresh fruits and juices. (Why I don’t eat fats!) 

I also want to mention that my day 9 always looks different then the actual plan. I’m usually fine with eating blended papaya till lunch time but when it comes to dinner and even at lunch time I’m already craving saltier foods like tomatoes or celery. So most of the day 9s I end up eating tomatoes, celery and cucumbers instead of the blended fruits. I’m not perfect at all and one thing that I’m still learning about is to not blame myself for things like that. It is ok to not always be 100% perfect, I mean after all I’m human too and I also have my struggles, struggles that might even prevent me from healing faster. But I also have times when I’m super disciplined and eager to make things happen and am able to resist whatever comes along my way.

I feel that there still is quite some stuff to clean up within me, may it be physical (especially strep) or emotional, so I sure will keep on doing this cleanse more often in the future.

I hope you enjoyed the report about my experiences with the 3:6:9 Liver Rescue and maybe it inspires you to get started on it as well. And if you have any questions or want to share your experiences about the 3:6:9 with me I would really enjoy to read your comments.

Much Love,

Eva 💕

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