I recently read an articel about Microplastic and how much of it we actually consume over the course of a week. This is quite shocking! According to the article we consume about 5 grams of Microplastic per day which is about the amount of a credit card.

But healthy me already took care of this since quite a while and maybe you are using these things too that help you to stay plastic free and keep your body clean.

So here is what I do:

  1. I drink lemon/lime water every morning
  2. I top my breakfast smoothie or fruit bowl with lemon/orange peel powder
  3. I add lemon/lime/orange vitality essential oil to my juices, water and smoothies
  4. I prefer to buy fruits and veggies that are not wrapped in plastic to avoid absorbing it at first place

I hope these cleansing tipps will help you too to keep your body clean.

Much love

Eva 😊