I recently started reading lots of spiritual books from Louise Hay, Rhonda Byrne, Pierre Franckh, Charles F. Haanel, Claude Bristol, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Dale Carnegie, etc. And I gained a lot of insight and awareness about the power of our subconscious mind.

Even though I’ve been reading some of those books before, it’s only now that I began to open up to their insight and am now willing to take action in this kind of field.

Before I was always very much focused on changing my diet in order to feel better and to cure symptoms but after being on a raw vegan diet for about 3 years now my health is still not ideal. After all it always takes more than just changing one thing. Our health, wealth and happiness depends upon a lot of factors and nutrition is just one of them. There are still other influences like water, air, social interactions, thought habits, sunshine, etc. that all play an important part in our overall wellbeing.

One of the most important factors by far, sure is the way of thinking. If we thing negative, destructive and angry thoughts, those thoughts determine our reality. Whereas if we focus on positive things our outer experiences also tend to be positive.

Especially after reading and listening to books from Pierre Franckh I realised that I already have the power within me to attract what I want in life and that I successfully happened to do it in the past.

It is how I got into the University that I wanted, got an internship that brought me just where I wanted to be, got into a Master program that seemed impossible to get and even got one of my dream jobs.

And if I can do it, you can do it too. So I want to share with you my tips how you can make your dreams  come true.


First of all you have to know what it is you want and that it is something that you truly want, that you desire from your heart and soul. Don’t wish for something that someone else has and that you might want to have too. Be aware that it is your life and that your dream should be something that suits you. If you wish for something that someone else has you might get it and realise that it doesn’t make you happy in the long term.


Believe in your dream and most importantly believe that it is coming true or better said: that it has already come true. Never give up! Keep on believing! And as a little tip; don’t tell other people about your dreams as they might destroy your illusions and will get you off track.


Go for your dreams! You can’t expect for your dreams coming true if you’re just sitting around doing nothing but thinking about the realisation of your dreams. You have to take action and work for your dreams. It doesn’t always include hard work physically but it sure takes some mental strength and effort. Let’s say for example that you want to lose weight. Then you have to be willing to make dietary changes or even start working out on a regular basis so you can create your dream body.


If you find it hard to believe in your dreams coming true in the beginning the best thing you can do is work with affirmations. Affirmations are sentences that you keep telling yourself on a regular basis, for example in the morning, midday and evening. The more you keep on repeating them, either aloud, quietly or by writing them down, the better it is. Because by continuously telling them to yourself there will be a point when they pass over to your subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind, also called the solar plexus, is the place that connects you with the universe. This is the place where all of the magic happens because our subconscious mind is working 24/7 to keep up all of our body functions (heartbeat, breath, etc.) and it is also responsible for shaping our reality. The best times to influence it is right after waking up and right before falling asleep, when we’re already dozing off. This is also the best time to listen to meditations which is what I do every night. I always listen to meditations while falling asleep.

I hope you enjoyed those tips and they’ll help you in reaching your goals and dreams.

Make miracles happen and live your dreams!

And always remember to think positive:

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”   James Allen

Much love,