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Dear friend,
If you’d like to get glowing and healthy skin by using only natural remedies, this book is for you.
At 38 pages, How To Get Glowing Skin is a quick read, and shows you the exact steps you need to take to get started with natural foods for the purpose of getting a healthy skin and body from the inside out.

Not Sure How to Get Started Yet, or What to do if you get a Flare or Detox Symptoms?

This book was written for beginners and explains everything you need to know inside.
No prior knowledge is required!
Inside you’ll find an easy-to-understand guide with 3 simple steps to get started today, as well as how to overcome challenges like eating more raw foods or dealing with social situations.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside:

🍎The FIRST and most important step to take (pg. 5) 
What I wish I knew early on to get a healthier skin . This is what I wish my parents, school, or society had taught me when I was growing up and learning about health to speed up the process!
🍎Stock up on Fruits & Greens (pg. 8)
How to incorporate more fruits and greens into your diet, explained in 3 simple steps. Why it is important to reduce overt fats and which supplements to consider.
🔪The right Equipment – What’s really necessary (pg. 16)
Most of the people think that they need a lot of fancy equipment but really, it doesn’t take that much, especially not in the beginning.
🍎How to Overcome the Challenge of going Raw (pg. 18)
Why it takes the right kind of combination of fruits and greens to stay satiated and avoid cravings. How important it is to take care of your adrenal glands and how to do it.
Plus my NO. 1 RULE to succeed with this lifestyle.
🍎Challenging Social Situations (pg. 24)
How to deal with the changes that this diet change brings up! What to do and how to be prepared for social situations like eating out or traveling!
🍎What to do if you get a Flare/Detox (pg. 27)
What is a flare/detox symptom and why you too much detox is something you want to avoid at all cost. Plus how you can support your skin from the outside during a flare/detox!
🍎Why You should always listen to Your Body (pg. 32) 
How important it is to stay true to yourself and to embrace your uniqueness. Plus how you can ask your subconscious mind about emotional related answers.
🍎And much more…
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“How To Get Glowing Skin will help you clear your skin issues and feel vibrant while eating in abundance so you can live a joyful life.”