Isn’t that too much sugar? (Fruits & Diabetes / Fruits & Candida)

Most of the people think that sugar is the culprit for disease like diabetes, candida, obesity, ect. but that is not necessarily the case. When we eat fruits, the sugar is digested in our intestinal tract and from there it moves smoothly and easily through our blood stream into and out of our cells to feed them.  If we eat a high fat diet and our arteries are clogged up the sugar can’t move quick and efficiently into and out of our cells. The sugar gets trapped in our bloodstream and our body has to release more insulin and work overtime to clear the sugar out of the bloodstream. The more fat we eat, the more our arteries will get clogged up and the thicker our blood will be. So remember that fat is the true culprit of blood sugar spikes. Eating a lot of fruit by itself doesn’t cause any blood sugar issues.

The clogged up arteries are also the cause for candida issues. We all have candida microbes in our body. They are vital to our survival because they regulate our blood sugar levels. Once our pancreas is overworked due to a high fat diet our adrenal glands come into play to support it and once the adrenals are stressed beyond their ability, the candida microbes come into play and eat up the excess blood sugar in our blood stream because it can be life-threatening. A low fat diet will thus address candida imbalances by clearing up our arteries and allowing for a smooth and easy moving of sugar in and out of our cells and through our blood stream.

Yes, fruits are rich in sugar but they also contain a proper balance of various nutrients that are essential for a healthy body. Refined sugar or any extracted sugar on the other hand is ripped of these nutrients and thus consists basically of empty calories, which will not leave us satiated and fueled.