Mono-meals are meals that comprise just one type of food, usually one type of fruit like melon/grapes or mango/etc. This means that you eat for example 1-3 cantaloupe melons for breakfast.

While this might seem boring at first, you’ll probably start loving to eat simple meals like this once you practice it for a while. Besides that I want to share some more reasons with you why mono-meals are amazing:

1. Eating a mono-meal eases digestion and assimilation! 

If we eat a meal that contains cheese, bacon and starches (bread) our stomach needs many different enzymes to break down all of these different foods. For example if we eat proteins (dairy products) a highly acidic medium for the digestive enzyme pepsin is required to be effective. But if we eat starches or fats a nearly neutral medium for digestion is required. So if we eat these different things in one meal, our body can get very tired trying to sort out different enzymes and digestion times for all these various foods.

If we eat just one type of food at a given time our stomach can digest it easily and absorb all of its nutrients properly because it will trigger just one enzymatic reaction and thoroughly and successfully digest it.

2. Mono-meals are time saving and easy to prep!

Eating just one type of fruit is a very time saving way to eat, because all it takes is a bunch of bananas or a few nectarines or whatever fruit it ripe and in season. And all you have to do is cut it up/peel it or take a bite and enjoy the flavor.

3. Regain your tastebuds and experience the flavor variety of a single fruit. 

Once you start eating mono-meals your tastebuds will regain their ability to taste the various flavors that are present in raw, whole fruits & veggies and you’ll begin to enjoy the food in its pure form without having to cover it with salt or spices. And the closer you can get to the essence of a food, the closer you can get to the essence of yourself. Eating a monomeal is an act of kindness to your body. Give it a try and experience the magic.

Tipp: Make sure that the fruits you’re eating are perfectly ripe to make meals even more enjoyable and satiating!

Meal Plan Day 1

Breakfast: Mango Spinach Basil Smoothie

Lunch: A mono-meal of 3-4 mangoes or 5-6 peaches/nectarines

Dinner: 2-3 spiralled zucchini with a Meatless Meat Sauce

Snack ideas:

  • cucumber slices with dates
  • apple slices with celery & date/raisins
  • a banana with lettuce leaves & date/raisins
  • coconut water with celery sticks & dried apricots
  • cucumber slices with apple slices & cauliflower wings