It’s almost 3 years now that I’m on a raw vegan diet and recently I thought about incorporating some steamed sweet potatoes or pumpkin into my dinner salads but I listened to my body and came to the conclusion that cooked food is totally no longer for me!

Within those 3 years of being on a raw vegan diet I never ate cooked meals even though I sometimes snacked on some of the stuff that my mom got cooking. And now that I thought about and actually tried to eat more of it, I soon realised that after eating cooked foods I feel pretty dehydrated, my skin gets super dry and I’m super thirsty. So I’d say that my body is giving me a clear sign, that cooked foods aren’t really good for me anymore.

You know if you cook foods that you cook out some of the most important parts which is water and vitamins.

This is why I’ll stick to much more hydrating living fruits and veggies like papayas, melons or cucumbers.

The same thing actually happens if I eat a lot of dehydrated foods like dates, raisins, dehydrated bananas or veggies or if I eat salts. Same with tea. Whenever I drink tea if feel even more thirsty afterwards. So what I do if I want to enjoy the benefits of herbs is I soak them in warm (not hot) water over night.

How about you? Did you ever experience something similar when eating cooked food?