Bloatings are quite challenging sometimes. And there are no exceptions, everyone gets them every once in a while.

Bloating can occur if your hydrochloric acid is not as strong as it’s supposed to be and the food you eat isn’t broken down properly. But it is not just due to a lack of hydrochloric acid, your livers bile production plays a major role too. When your liver is weakened from viruses and toxins it produces less bile and also a bile that is lower in its quality. Stress and emotional tremors are another factor that can cause a lower-quality and less bile. Bile is essential especially to break down fats.

With less bile and hydrochloric acid food can’t get prepared for full digestion and the digestion in the gut is weakened as well. This is when bloating occurs.  It is a cause from the poorly digested food in our gut.

The problem is that due to the bloating your hydrochloric acid can lower even more because of the gasses that rise back up into your stomach. Furthermore the absorption of nutrients in the gut is impaired. It kind of seems like a vicious cycle but one thing is important to know. Not only do you have to help your gut but also your liver.

Now what are some of my remedies to ease and help with bloating?


Drink 16oz of pure celery juice on an empty stomach! (every morning)

Pure celery juice contains essential trace mineral salts that not only cleanse the liver but also build up hydrochloric acid. This is the most important thing to do.

Drink lemon/lime water!

Every morning or whenever you feel bloated. Lemon/lime water contains special trace minerals that help to raise hydrochloric acid.

Don't overeat!

Overeating is a burden not only to your stomach but also to your liver. Just as much as it is a burden to your whole system. And your body has to try really hard to break down the overload of food. This is why you feel so tired after a big & heavy meal.

Pay attention to food combining!

Don't combine foods that digest in a different pace, e.g. bananas and tomatoes or watermelon and carrot.

Avoid foods that are harder to digest if you know that your body can't handle them!

Things like potatoes, carrots, cruciferous veggies or artichokes as well as foods that are rich in protein like peas. You don't have to cut them out completely you can still juice them or get in case of artichokes an alcohol free tincture or a tea.

Avoid or reduce overt fats if you know that your body can't handle them!

Avoid them especially during the morning until lunch and preferably eat them for dinner as they digest slowly and might get in the way of other foods. With overt fats I mean things like avocados, nuts & seeds, oils, meat & dairy products.

Give yourself a nice belly massage!

This helps to relax your stomach/gut especially if you use essential oils with it that are know to be beneficial for bloating or stomach issues. (e.g. Fennel, Ginger, Tarragon, Peppermint) My favorite brand is YoungLiving and if you're interested in trying them too please dm me and I'll provide you some sniffing samples.

Think about using a good quality blend of vegan digestive enzymes!

This will assist the digestion of foods. (I use Digest Gold, Essential Digestive Enzymes)

Think about using magnesium glycinate

This will help to flush out toxins out of the liver as well as it helps to cleanses the intestinal tract.

Lay down and rest for a while so the trapped air can be released.

You can also use a hot water bottle or a heated cherry-pit-pillow on your stomach/belly.

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