You know those days when you feel like eating pizza, may it be because of a inner feeling or because there’s a pizza smell in the air! I think almost everyone has those days and I mean who doesn’t like pizza!? So be aware that the video below might create a pizza craving but don’t worry I got you covered with a super simple and quick recipe for a raw vegan no/low fat pizza recipe. ;-D

But let’s first talk about how to beat pizza cravings. I have 3 tipps that will help you to manage those cravings.

Tipp no. 1: Think about how it will make you feel afterwards!

Once your in a situation when all you want is pizza, than think about how you would feel after eating it. Wouldn’t you feel kind of guilty? Maybe you’ll also feel kind of sluggish, your digestion doesn’t go well and you’re not having a lot of energy the next day.

If that is the case than I think you’re better off eating something healthy instead.

Tipp no. 2: Indulge on your favourite fruit!

When you got that pizza smell in your nose, the best thing you can do is take a deep breath, enjoy the smell and grab yourself your favourite fruit. Indulge on it until your truly satiated and you’ll see afterwards you’ll feel totally amazing and the pizza craving will be gone.

Tipp no. 3: Simply give in to your cravings and make a healthy alternative!

Well sometimes I think the best way of beating cravings is to eat whatever you’re craving but in a way much healthier version.

And you can find my simple pizza alternative recipe in the video down below or on my recipe page under Healthy Pizza. 🍕