Whole, fresh, ripe, raw organic fruits & veggies consumed in their natural state provide a very rich source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and water. They are our body’s ideal source of energy and help our body to stay healthy and vibrant. Raw food is living food which contains natural enzymes that are necessary for digestion and health. Eating raw foods eliminates constipation and thus avoids the accumulation of waste in your colon which otherwise putrefies and ferments and leads to gas and the reabsorption of toxins.

Water is another crucial factor. Our body is made up of 60-70% of water and besides oxygen; water is the most important thing our body needs. Every organ and function within your body is regulated and contingent upon water. Our blood which is made up of 83% of water feeds our cells and organs with the required nutrients and oxygen and transports, protects and regulates our body functions and organs. Thus the quality of our blood defines our health. Water is also essential for the eliminations of toxins and helps to flush body waste. Raw fruits & veggies are made up of sustainable amounts of water as well (e.g. watermelon ~92%, lettuce ~96%). Furthermore the water in in fruits & veggies is one of the world’s best.

On a raw food diet, you’ll notice that you’re not as thirsty as on a cooked food diet because you’re consuming much more water through fruits & veggies.

Raw vs. Cooked

Applying heat (temperatures above 118°F) to foods destroys more than 90% of its nutrients and enzymes which are necessary for proper digestion. Thus you’re eating mostly empty calories. Your stomach might be filled but since you’re not absorbing the nutrients that you’d need in order to feel satiated you might still feel hungry after your meals.

Not only does cooking destroy nutrients but it also denatures proteins, releases trans fats, caramelizes the carbohydrates and deprives the food of its valuable water content.


So what are some of the benefits you might experience on a raw food diet:

  • You’ll absorb more vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • You’ll have more energy
  • Your digestion and hydration will improve
  • You’ll achieve your optimal body weight
  • You’ll feel satisfied after your meals
  • You skin will be clear, vibrant and soft
  • You’ll reduce the chance of getting sick (less colds, lower risk of heart & cardiovascular disease,…)
  • Your mental clarity will increase
  • You’ll support your body in healing itself from disease like diabetes, cancer, heart conditions or digestive disorders.