Free spirit, sun-child, papaya lover and passionate traveler / ocean lover. 

Hi, I’m Eva!

My one and ever passion has always been food, creating recipes and learning about a healthy lifestyle. Even though I studied International Business and Tourism Management the passion for a healthy diet never stopped. I’ve never been a big meat eater and only ate some white meat or fish occasionally but what I always loved was milk, yogurt and sweets, like chocolate & ice cream. For most of my college time I was a flexitarian, never overweight but rather underweight due to calorie restriction.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

How I came to raw foods

Over the years my digestion got worse and worse to a point where I was constantly constipated and had severe stomach pain every few days. I’ve tried acupuncture, Chinese herbs, healing earth, etc. but nothing helped. Even a gastroscopy didn’t indicate any problems. A lactose test finally showed that I’m lactose intolerant and as soon as I stopped eating dairy products my stomach pain got better but not the constipation.

By coincidence or rather by faith I stumbled across the 80/10/10 Diet and the Banana Island via Instagram in February 2014. And after all the positive experiences and success stories that I read and saw I couldn’t wait to give it a try. So from one day to another I decided to become a low fat raw vegan. I bought lots of bananas and ate nothing else for seven days except for some lettuce and dates. The benefits were amazing! I’ve never felt better and even my constipation went away. After this week I started to incorporate a variety of different raw fruits & veggies. I became very passionate about creating low fat raw vegan recipes. Right from the beginning I felt that this kind of diet totally resonates with me.

My Ups and Downs

Ever since I changed my diet I never stopped getting educated about the low fat raw vegan lifestyle. Be it by self-experiences, literature, classes or videos or by becoming a Holistic Health Coach. I also designed some e-books with low fat raw vegan recipes as well as a fruit guide to teach others how to indicate when fruits are truly ripe.

2014 I also did a 21 day water/tea fast which helped me to get rid of an encapsulated sty. And it helped to improve my digestion a lot, for a while.

In 2016 I started to incorporate more healing foods into my diet according to the Medical Medium book.

2017 I got a major setback as I started suffering from chronic sties and rosacea. This even made me question my raw vegan diet and the medical medium diet. And I paused drinking celery juice and eating the heavy metal detox smoothie. I even couldn’t eat certain fruits like dates, papayas and pineapples by times, as they gave me flare ups of my rosacea. Had I known back then what I know now I probably could have healed my symptoms way much faster. With the help of a naturopath and a Schüssler Salts protocol it took me pretty much one year to finally get back to looking normal. (How I healed my Rosacea!)

I am now more or less back into the medical medium diet and really appreciate the knowledge that he and spirit share every single day.

2018 I followed the 3:6:9 liver rescue cleanse for a couple of rounds. And the first round in the end already felt pretty good even though it was quite a challenge to eat all of the recommended foods. (The amounts were just too much for me). All in all the 3:6:9 has helped me to flush out some acids and I really love how delicous this cleanse is. So I will do it more often in the future.

Another important factor in my life is to keep it super low in fat if not at all fat free. My liver simply can’t handle a high fat diet at this point. And even though there are people who tell me that I need my healthy fats, I listen to my body who’s always telling me that I feel much better without fats. I have more energy, a better digestion and am much more clear-minded.

I haven’t reached perfect health yet but looking back I have already come a long way, and came out stronger than before.

To me one of the major things that are holding me back is stored up emotions and old patterns that are deeply ingrained. So since 2017 I also started to do more energy work, by myself as well as with the help of my health practitioners. And I started using high quality essential oils.

My healing path has showed me that the body can heal everything if we give it the right foods and leave out the foods that keep us from thriving. I never force anyone to eat a certain diet but rather inspire people with what I’m doing.

We are all different and the only one who knows what’s best for our body is we ourselves.

My goal is to share with you my story and what I have learned along the way so that you can learn from it too. I would love to help you on your individual path, finding out what your body needs right now to become more vital, healthy and balanced.

On my page you’ll find lots of delicious and mouthwatering raw vegan recipes, nutritional posts, natural healing inspirations, emotional healing posts, lifestyle post and more.

I’m happy if my inspirations help you to adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits.

Let us grow and thrive together!

Much love,