Now that the new year has begun and Christmas is over it’s time for a little review of 2017 and new year “Resolutions”. I don’t call them resolutions though. Every year people come up with their resolutions for the new year besides me. I still prefer to let life surprise me. Sure I have my dreams and desires that I want to come true but on the other hand I’m also very flexible and flowing and adapt to whatever life brings me.

At the end of 2016 I pretty much was on a low point and I was struggling with the decision to either invest in pushing my own business or to go for a “regular” job. My intuition guided me towards the office job and by the beginning of 2017 I began to work for a small company with a team of 4-5 people. There have been ups and downs and during the first few month I was asking myself very often if I made the right decision. But now I gotta say I definitely made the right decision. I have amazing, supportive colleagues and a very diversified work. And my job helps me in getting more self-confident. Plus I gain experiences that can help me in building up my own business.

I like my job not just or not necessarily because of the work itself but much more because of the interconnection with my boss and my colleagues. I respect each and every one of them for what they are and enjoy the lessons they are teaching me for my own life.

Health wise 2017 has been quite a challenging year. I got a terrible skin rash and a rash in my face that doctors said would be Rosacea. And no matter how healthy I ate it didn’t seem to get better for quite a while. This experience thought me that living a healthy life is not always about eating healthy but it is also based upon our physiological wellbeing.

And as I began to be happier and more grateful about my current life, things got a little better. I even started to eat some cooked foods now and then and felt totally fine.

In terms of fulfilling my dreams 2017 has sure been a big year as I finally got a new camera and notebook to ease the working on my own business and to make work much more enjoyable.

Thanks to my job I was also able to realize another big dream of mine; going on a cruise again. This for sure was my highlight of the year and caused a whole turmoil of feelings (excitement, happiness, thoughtfulness, joy, love, peacefulness, thankfulness and quite a few more). 😇

As today is the first day of 2018 I’m looking forward to a year that promises to be a year full of changes. During December I could already feel the spirit of change and some of the changes even revealed itself.

According to Feng Shui, 2018 (the year of the Earth Dog) will be a year of social change. But just as well a change in how we live our life. It will change the way we view things like diet, drinking and smoking.

My goals/dreams for 2018:

  1. I finally want to register my own business
  2. I’m planing to visit the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic food in Nürnberg, which I always wanted to visit but as it is restricted to trade visitors, I was never able to. This is one of the reasons why I want to register my business.
  3. As the last cruise vacation was so, so amazing I sure do want to go for another one but this time for at least 2-3 weeks because 1 week was way to short.
  4. Creating even better content for Instagram as well as for my blog and YouTube. I just started to use Lightroom to edit my pictures and working with it brings me so much joy that I’m excited to come up with lots of new recipes and posts.

Those are my plans for the beginning of 2018 and I’m excited about what else life surprises me with.

How about you? What is it that you’re getting excited about in 2018?