Most people know the 12 Days of Christmas as a famos song about someone receiving lots of gifts. But there is a tradition behind these 12 days that usually start the day after Christmas Eve, meaning on sunset on the 25th of December and last until the sunset of the 6th January.

At midnight on December 24th is the time when the light gates on the firmament open and the “rough nights” begin meaning the 12 days of Christmas.

If you consciously commit your time to the “rough nights” you will be able to receive valuable information for the coming year. You receive it through rituals, meditations, contemplation and dreams.

On January 5th at midnight, the gates close again.

The following step by step guide shows you how to use the powerful time of the “rough nights” for you.

Before you begin the following steps, ask the spirits for protection and blessing. You can also ask them for direction, clarity and support.


Step 1

You can already start your rituals before the rough nights on December 21st to 22nd, the winter solstice. Write down your fears and worries on a paper, everything that couldn’t be fulfilled this year. Ask for relief from illness and pain. Before burning it is important that you really let everything go and are 100% ready to burn it. Here, you can also ask the spirits for their support. Trust in the realization of transformation. And know that by the crumbling of the ashes, everything is handed over to the spiritual world.

Step 2

Place a candle in front of your house / apartment in the evening before the rough nights or at the beginning of the rough nights. This light is said to shine all 12 days and nights. It is a symbol for silence and for the fact that we go within us and think of the ancestors. But also that we are thankful for the life we have and for who we are. The light also serves as protection for our house and our life. And that's why it’s also supposed to shine all the time. (Tip: you can also use an LED candle.)

Step 3

The next step is to write down 13 goals/wishes/plans on separate pieces of paper. Private goals, professional goals, financial goals, health goals. Fold up each piece of paper and place them in a bowl.

Step 4

For the upcoming 12 “rough nights” you will go into contemplation/meditation. Light a candle to connect you with yourself and the spiritual world. Thank the spirits and ancestors for everything you have and are and burn sage/frankinscense/myrrh (either just one of them or a combination) as a sacrifice to the spirits. Now draw a wish out of your bowl (but don’t open it) and burn it. Be thankful and full of faith about the fulfillment of your wish, whichever it may be. And the fire will hand it over to the universe. Repeat this every night until January 5th. Every day stands for a month of the upcoming year. So keep your notebook at hand and write down everything that you received during your meditation/contemplation but also what appeared to you in your dreams while sleeping, everything that appears special to you.

Step 5

On January 6th you will pull the 13th wish out of your bowl. This time you will open it up and read it. This theme is the one that will run like a red thread through the year. This is also the wish that you will work to be fulfilled. It is your responsibility to take care of its fulfillment.

Step 6

At the end of the “rough nights” you meditate and connect to yourself and the spirits again and to the energy field of the new year. Thank your spiritual companions and ask for fulfillment of your dreams/wishes.

Step 7

If you like you can read your notes by the end of each moth of the new year and compare if the actual events match your “rough night” prophecies.

The “rough nights” are the time to listen within, to calm down, relax and to become quite also on the inside. And this calmness and quite time is the time that helps us to realize who we really are and what’s our potential, to feel our strength. But we can only feel this strength, if we use this moment of silence. Then we can begin to use our power again, just like the sun is gaining more power again, we too can start using our strength and vibrate our true inner glow and power.

PS: I’m using the essential oils of Frankinscense, Myrrh, Sage and Juniper in my diffuser for the following nights. And burn dried sage leaves as a sacrifice to the spirits along with my wish notes.

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